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Transform work instructions: upload your work instruction (word, PDF, …) and transform it for better ergonomics. Create digital work instructions : Get pictures or videos, comment its, add text box add drawing… Define your check points, needed times, per operations, steps… Edit work instructions: you can easily edit work instructions with wide range of tools While keeping track of changes and managing versions Valid work instructions: Integrated workflow to ensure validation

Digital Display

An ergonomic display: guide operator through each step of production process with clear instruction and modern display. Indeed, the screen is divided on 4 parts: the process plan: operations and steps Explanatory instructions (pictures, videos…) Execution and data recording and alerts (checks, measurements, traceability) Communication tools An interactive support: The operator can ask help or trigger alerts at any time. He can also, communicate directly with supervisor or others to solve problems.

Data synthesis, KPIs & dashboard

We offer to managers many features that help them to make better decisions based on reliable data. these features are summed up  to : Global activity vision (KPIs) Detailed reporting (customers, orders, lines, workstations, operators…) Schedule and planning estimation Supervision on real time and alerts  Daily and monthly activity reports (can be customized to diffuse) Action plan management 


Every step our algorithms compare scheduled advancement and real achievement then update scheduled finishing date if need. Alerts are automatically sent if the deviation is important. It notifies concerned persons to communicate postponing or make decisions to remedy.

Intelligent Dispatch

We propose to the planner some suggestions about dispatching resources based on data previously collected. Our algorithms identifies the best match operator/operations. This method will improve efficiency and increase benefits. In the other side, it will help HR to manage training optimally.

Execution Record

We offer two ways to record data
From screen touch : by transiting from a step to another, our app record automatically all necessary data. From sensors : We install all of the necessary sensors on manufacture lines  to collect data on real time. Sensors will be installed between workstations and on workstation if it must to be done.  Our sensor are connected to our app through monitors. 
This technology will offer managers their factory digital twin.

schedule prediction

A predictive algorithm make your planning easier and more reliable. It can be done by merging analysis of productive times and resources assignment.
For each configuration you will have unique planning.
Every modification when work is processing update automatically your schedule.

Choose the perfect plan


Per month

  • 10 connected workstation
  • 1 knowhow manager
  • 1 supervisor
  • 1 planner
  • 1 Manager
  • 1 Administrator


Per month

  • 20 connected workstation
  • 2 knowhow managers
  • 2 supervisors
  • 2 planners
  • 2 Managers
  • 1 Administrator
  • Smart Schedule
  • Schedule prediction
  • Smart resources dispatch


Per month

  • 40 connected workstation
  • 3 knowhow manager
  • 3 supervisors
  • 2 planners
  • 2 Managers
  • 1 Administrator
  • Smart schedule​
  • schedule prediction​
  • Smart resources dispatch

Frequently asked questions

Workflow optimization is an important way to reduce costs and provide better services for customers. With inefficient workflows, things take longer and cost more to get done. In addition, rethinking workflows is a critical part of the process of incorporating new technologies.

For all our projects we proceed in 4 phases : 

  • Phase 1: Factory visit and Diagnostic
  • phase 2: Adaptation and customization
  • phase 3: testing and installation
  • phase 4: support

Any industry can use this application by adapting and linking to existing systems.

We are always in research of new brilliant brain. To be part of our team, is being a shareholder in our company.

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